There is already a lot of very impressive information about Vidilook so I won’t spend too much time on this (as you could read up on this after) except to say that this is a Japanese funded American based company that has significant financial backing whose focus is on “blockchain + new advertising media”.

ViDiLOOK Tech is a blockchain media company strategically invested by Kadokawa Corporation and founded in Silicon Valley.

This is not your run-of-the-mill revenue share company that speaks about generating income through advertising to pay us, far from it.

This company has already been funded with millions of dollars to pay us for viewing ads and you will discover this as you get into Vidilook a bit deeper.

It is actually structured for the “small man” and the aim is to allow everyone around the world to generate an income from simply viewing ads.

– Adopts a Proof Of Watch concept where you work for your income by watching high quality ads portrayed on their media platform.

– Can get started for Free and test their system while viewing one ad for the day and earn about $5 for the month doing so.

-Step up and purchase one (or all) of the adverting packages . There are 4 packages that can be purchased and packages are purchased in USDT TRC20.
Package prices include $50, $150, $500, or $1500 USDT TRC-20. You can only have one each of these packages at any one time. Each of these packages have their own returns and benefit.

-You get paid in the company’s token called VDL. VDL can be seamlessly converted to USDT TRC-20 and withdrawn or you can hold on to the VDL token and benefit from the rapid token appreciation.

– You get paid 3% a day so in 33 days you are risk free.

-You can withdraw daily if you wanted to and withdrawals take 2-24 hours to be paid.

-Minimum withdrawal is 10 USDT

-You earn on your respective advertising package until it expires, earning you anywhere from 200 to 500% or $100 to $7500) and then you can purchase and replace it with another media package again and continue earning over and over again.



  • Legal and complaint.
  • Earn from viewing ads daily ( 5 minutes – 45 minutes depending on the number of packages you purchase.
  • Earn 3% daily, 7 days a week, 30/31 days a month, 365 days a year.
  • Earn anywhere from $1.50 – $66 a day, 7 days a week completely passively.
  • Earn 200% – 500% over and over again.
  • Purchase media packages anywhere from $50 – $1500 or purchase one of each for a total of $2200 to earn the maximum allowed.
  • Join for free if you like and earn about $5 a month.
  • Share with others if you like (totally optional but why wouldn’t you) to earn significantly more.
  • Legitimate platform which is heavily funded to pay us all for the work that we do daily.
  • Deposit by USDT TRC-20
  • Daily earnings are via VDL token.
  • Exchange the token daily for USDT TRC-20 and withdraw ( minimum withdrawal $10)
  • Hold the token and enjoy potentially SERIOUS token appreciation.
  • Token price today is $0.2666 which is up 1.87% just today alone!!
  • VDL is burned upon each ad purchase therefore creating a deflationary model.
  • Only 100 million VDL will ever be created.
  • Risk free in 33 days,
  • Double to quadruple your money indefinitely.
  • Simple and easy to view ads and earn.
  • Decide how much you would like to earn monthly and purchase enough media packages to allow you to achieve your goal.
  • Built for the average member so that everyone can earn.
  • Safety features and systems to avoid big marketers from gaming the system or making all of the money.
  • The average passive members finally have an opportunity to earn quickly and safely with an opportunity that will last for years to come.STEPS TO GET STARTED

Go to your appstore or playstore depending on your device (as you must download the App on your phone and register there and thereafter you could then login on your desktop).

Search for VidiLook .

The app will look like this:


Once the App is downloaded, open the app and then click on SIGN UP.

Fill out your email and then for Invitation code put in my code which is BJ2QNE
Make sure the code is in all caps as shown.
Complete the registration as per the form and then click on signup.
Note: for password you can only use letters and numbers to register.

One you click the signup button, the button will start to spin but never mind that as you would have been instantly registered). You can then come out of the app, open it up again and this time instead of clicking on signup you click on LOG IN

Input your email and password and login.

If you want to use your desktop rather than your phone to log in then you can click on the link below and login: Make sure to change my referral code BJ2QNE to your code.
Click on the yellow “please login now” text. Skip the form and go directly to “Please Login Now”

Firstly you need to ensure that you have USDT TRC-20. Make absolutely sure that you click on your USDT wallet and then make absolutely sure that you have TRON available as one of your sub wallets listed when you click on the little down arrow on your USDT wallet. If TRON is not listed as one of your sub wallets, you will need to get it listed. For example, if you have an Exodus wallet, Click on HOME, scroll all the way down the page and click on the ADD or + button. Next, type in USDT to get it listed in your list of wallets. Make sure to click on the TRON option because Tron is the correct wallet for USDT TRC-20 currency. OK, you will now need to make sure to add funds to your USDT Tron wallet in order to make a deposit with VidiLook.

Also, once your have your USDT Tron listed and opened, click on RECEIVE and save that wallet link to give to VidiLook so you can receive your withdrawals. Let me know if you should need any help.

If you are purchasing all of the media packages then you will need $2200 USDT TRC-20.

If you are purchasing just one package then you simply need to amount that the package will cost.

There are 4 packages that are priced at $50 ,$150, $500 and $1500.

To deposit click on ASSETS >> DEPOSIT.

Copy the wallet address and send the correct amount of USDT TRC-20 to the correct wallet address.

Once your funds have been deposited you are ready to proceed.

You do this one at a time if you are doing multiple packs.

Click on HOME then on SUBSCRIPTIONS (top left) and select the package you want to purchase and click on JOIN.

Follow the steps to purchase your package.

If you then have other packages to purchase then rinse and repeat with the other packs.

NOTE: You can only have ONE of each package amount at any one time.

To do this click on ADS and then click the ad to start the process.

You need to remain on this page for the ads to run but you do not need to actively be watching the ads if you do not want to. You can set it and do something else while the ads run.

NOTE: Sometimes the ads stick so simply click on the ad and then click on it again to restart the ad and this should solve the problem.

If you plan to hold your VDL for it to appreciate (recommended) then you simply accumulate your VDL in your back office.

If however you want to convert to USDT TRC-20 and withdraw and also learn more about other aspects of Vidilook then you need to access the GUIDEBOOK which will guide you on all of this.

To do so click on HOME then GUIDEBOOK (top right) and view the section that you are interested in).