This opportunity, ironically, has nothing to do with crypto at all, apart from using crypto as the means of payment and to be paid.

25% per month and it is NOT trading!!!

We are a group of people who specialize in applying an arbitrage strategy along dozens of different niches in the online world for the past 20+ years. When you purchase a package, we use the funds to buy goods & services at one price then offer them at another price. This is called online affiliate marketing sending paid and organic traffic to purchase services when the opportunity presents itself. That has created a long-term sustainable program for people who purchase package where they earn a fixed 25% USDT on their crypto month after month. This specific program has been running since June 2022 privately with those who got introduced and payouts have been churning without delay since then.

Here are some of the features

 • Arbitraging Search Traffic

  • Risk Assessment: Low/Medium

  • Private Launch Date: June 2022

  • Public Launch Date: December 2022

  • Potential Returns: 25% NET Monthly USDT⭐

  • Payout: Monthly (30 Days)

  • Minimum Purchase: 550 USDT Per Package

    ○ 500 USDT will be used for arbitraging

    ○ 50 USDT will be used for referral payouts

    ○ 550 USDT is the cost per package, meaning you can only get in at increments of 550

  • Cancel ANYTIME and you’ll receive your deposit at the end of your monthly cycle (INCLUDING your 25% payout as well) 🔥


  ❗️Doing this will result in account termination

  • Two Level Affiliate Payout

Watch this following video which will give you a good introduction into Crypto Program:

After this you can watch the video below and hear from Ed himself as he explains the opportunity and also answers questions:

If this interests you then I have some steps to follow:

1: Sign up with my referral link below:

2: Set up your 2FA

This is required in your back office. Hackers can get into accounts very easily and we must learn from our mistakes. Having 2FA offers very good additional protection and prevents your account from being hacked.

If you don’t know how then it’s time you learn. It’s 2023 and to get different results you need to be willing to do what it takes.

There are numerous YouTube videos that show you how to get all of this done so simply do a search and get set up. If you run into difficulty then reach out.

3: Join the Facebook group.

4: Take action.

If after all of this you still do nothing then that’s fine as well but realistically, don’t expect anything to change if you are not prepared to make a change.

Best wishes,