This will allow for a well diversified and sustainable income generating machine. What you do is up to you but without taking action, there will be no change.

Every opportunity I join, I do so for a specific reason and in each case, the opportunity has to either be a proven one, provide a different means of generating income from the others in my portfolio or, for the very least, it has to make sense.

This one attracted me for various reasons but the main reason is that it makes sense when it comes to the method of income generation.

Many opportunities generate an income by forex trading or crypto trading (either manual or some form of a bot) and while we have opportunities like this everywhere we turn, there is always risk involved.

I constantly strive to find different/unique and safer ways for generating an income for ALL and I believe that I have found another unique opportunity in the making.

The opportunity is called Anonymous Trading.

Don’t let the name fool you as this has NOTHING to to with actual trading. In fact, a better choice of name should have been used.

I will list the benefits in point form in a bit but what is super important to understand is the METHOD by which this company generates an income. Understanding this should excite you and interest you to the point of definitely wanting to join. This opportunity does not trade Crypto or Forex and as such its earnings are independent of whether or not either of these markets go up or down. It is always extremely difficult to predict the markets and this is why any opportunity revolving around such to generate an income is risky. What they do is complex but I will try to explain it in simple terms so that you grasp the concept.

In stocks/forex/crypto there are people who want to buy certain stocks/currencies/crypto and there are those who want to sell. Exchanges provide the PLATFORM and framework to allow this buying and selling to take place and LIQUIDITY PROVIDERS provide the liquidity (funding) to make these trades take place seamlessly. Liquidity providers also provide the liquidity for those exchanges that offer leverage trading. In return, exchanges make their money from various fees and commissions that they charge the buyer and seller for making the various trades and the liquidity providers make their money from what is called the SPREAD. The spread is the difference between the buying price and the selling price of any stock/currency/crypto. There is always a disparity between the two. You always buy at a higher price and if you were to sell right away you would sell at a lower price and the difference between the buying and selling price is the spread. This amount goes to the liquidity providers for providing the funds to allow both parties to make the trade in the first place. This is how all of these markets work and how they have always worked. So why is this important to us as we don’t earn any of this money? In fact, 80-90% of “traders” LOSE their money when they leverage trade so the odds are always stacked against traders and this is why trading is so difficult to eke out a consistent income from. Now pay attention as this is the important point to grasp…..Anonymous trading is a company whose ownership has strong network connections with 4-5 liquidity providers where 12 month contracts have been formed with these liquidity providers to essentially provide funding (in whatever form and in whatever amount that has been agreed) to the liquidity providers. Liquidity providers are in the business of providing liquidity so it stands to reason that the more funding that they can amass, the more money they can make. Liquidity providers never lose as they are not doing risky trades or trying to predict any market. They provide money for OTHER PEOPLE to risk their money and regardless of who wins or who loses, they receive the spread from that particular trade. Multiply this by millions of trades that take place and you can understand the amount of money that can be made with no risk. Anonymous Trading provides funding to liquidity providers in the crypto trading market. Again, it does not matter if Bitcoin is at 60K or 3k, what matters is the VOLUME of trading taking place, not the price of the particular asset at the time. History has shown that in the crypto space, even when BTC (and thus the entire crypto space) has been at its lowest, the VOLUME of trading taking place was always relatively constant and consistent. Liquidity providers make at least 4% per day on the liquidity that they provide based on the service that they provide that I have outlined above. Anonymous Trading, as a company that funds 4-5 of these liquidity providers, receives a share of this profit on a DAILY basis, based on various contracts that the company has negotiated. These are portrayed in the form of various packages that you will see in the back office. This means that Anonymous Trading earns their money very safely from sharing in a percentage of the SPREAD that the liquidity providers receive (obviously based on the level of funding that they provide) and, as a means of distributing these funds for the various packages that we purchase in AT, the liquidity providers allocates what they call High Frequency Trades on CFD’s ( Contracts For Difference). A video will be below explaining how this works. In essence, though it might look in your back office that the company is trading, they are not. What you see in your back office is a means of distributing your profits daily and is simply a distribution of funds earned from the spread itself and not actual trading. As such, there is never a losing value as technically it’s simply distribution of “our share” of the profits derived from the spread as OTHER PEOPLE trade. If this confuses you then try to read it over and/or you will learn more with time. The IMPORTANT thing to grasp here is how low risk this is because it’s almost guaranteed money generated from the spread while others trade.

– Low Risk as profits are generated from guaranteed returns as other people trade. Each trade provides a disparity between the buying and selling price and as percentage of this is distributed to us for providing funding via whatever package we purchase in AT.- Worldwide opportunity and anyone can join. This seems new to us but it has seemingly been a significant earner for many in the Asian/ European markets in particular.- FULL privacy and totally anonymous (hence the name). You do not need to do any form of KYC and in fact when registering, you do not even need to use your real name or phone # (if you don’t want to) and only a valid email and password is required.- Exceptional support. There is 24/7 LIVE support that is top notch. I have already put them to the test with numerous important questions and they have passed with flying colors. A program with excellent support is always a major plus.- ANYONE can join as the company even gives you a free $100 just to join and test the system for free for 1 week, after which you can upgrade and keep the $100 and your earnings or they take back their $100 and you get to keep the earnings. One of the few promising opportunities where you can start with NO M0NEY and refer others and earn. This offers even someone with absolutely no m0ney the ability to “put in the work” and share the opportunity and earn without themselves having a package.

HISTORY. The Company says they have been around for 3 years and usually this is BS BUT, in this case, there are two uplines who have vouched as to the credibility and accuracy of this information. One has been involved for 7 months and one from almost the start at 2 1/2 years. They have indicated that the company has never missed a single payment in all of this time.- Private opportunity. We are only now hearing about it but it seems that this is already popular in Asian and European markets as the uplines are adamant that they have met the ownership and even were privy to seeing the entire network of how the funds are distributed to us after earning from the spread over various exchanges. Seems to be run by 4 CEO’s from different regions of the world all with their own unique skills that they bring to the table. Their major operation ( or maybe the CEO that is most interactive) is out of Istanbul Turkey. Massive income potential. When you crunch the numbers and look at the various spreadsheets, you will realize that the income potential here is HUGE. Seems very well structured and put together which is always good to see. Something for everyone. A smaller investor can start small and the rewards are still extremely attractive, while other can go as big as they want and also receive attractive rewards. It’s rare to find a compensation model that rewards “the smaller guy or gal” so well. Minimum to get started is $500. There is a $100 minimum withdrawal, various packages with varying degrees of benefits and no withdrawal fees.- You earn DAILY via a well thought out and structured compensation plan that sees you automatically re-investing 80% of your earnings and being able to withdraw 20% (if you want to). The plan allows you to even take as low as $500 and turn it into approx. $2900 in as little as six months. This is about 97% a month on your money. Sounds crazy but it works.

Getting Started Tutorial

As you guys know, or ought to know by now, I am not here to play games 🙂
I am here to make a SIGNIFICANT amount of money and help as many of you make varying amounts of money while I am at it. How much would an extra $3000 a month do for you? If A LOT then it’s time to get serious and take some affirmative action as, sorry to sound bad but, I don’t want to waste my time with people who are not serious. I will make 50K a month from this without anyone (as long as the program lasts that is) so this is not about you joining me but me wanting to, as I always do, almost pull you along with me to create the success I know you want and deserve. I have said that if you don’t take action then nothing will change for you. I have reviewed the compensation plan, asked all the questions I needed to ask in order to get a firm grasp of this opportunity and what it has to offer and I am now able to provide THE BEST advice and strategy to follow in order to MAXIMIZE your earning potential in Anonymous Trading.

JOIN HERE:  Below is Harris’ referral link:
Once registered, check your email for a confirmation link and then click on that link to get access to your back office. If it is something you want to get involved with then go for it as it is a very simple plan to follow and if it is not, then that’s your right as well.

I now own the $25K (gold level) which pays an income of over $33K per month. Is that enough for you??? This one program alone can accomplish that without including all of your other diversified portfolio. Of course, you have the option to select smaller or larger packages to suit your personal needs.

Do not let the 124% earnings per month scare you (Includes compounding 80% of our income for one year).