The owner of EthChain is creating another program called TronChain to have a unique ecosystem that will provide multiple income streams that will support both EthChain and TronChain.

It pays 1% per day.

You will notice that TronChain does not use the MetaMask wallet, it uses a Google Chrome Extension found here:

Go ahead and fund your new wallet with TRON (TRX) coins which you can get from an Exodus wallet. If you do not have an Exodus wallet, please download a free wallet. It is one of the best and safest crypto wallets available.

Let me know if you have any questions, but it does work identically to EthChain.

Go here for more info and to join:

The max is 100,000 tron in the first round which is about $2000. Again, deposit as much as you can on your first deposit because you cannot addon to your trading account until you have collected 310% of your initial deposit.

Tron is only 2 cents right now but it is still in the top 15 coins in the world and the potential ROI is huge.

Diversification is the key to a steady income.

Enjoy life to the fullest,