Satoshi Gen

Did you ever wonder if Santa Claus was real?  Well it happened to me yesterday (Dec 12, 2019).  Please let me try to explain.

As I was reading my emails yesterday, I stumbled upon the most amazing biz-opp.  I had to read the offer several times before realizing that maybe there REALLY is a Santa Claus.  However, the more I read, the more it became more unbelievable.  It was just too good to be true.  And, of course, you know that when you come across something that LOOKS too good to be true, IT USUALLY IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

To my amazement, I cannot find anything negative about the business, so I am jumping in with both feet!!!  The rest is up to you.  If you would rather wait and see if I get paid as promised before joining me, then it is up to you.

As you already know, I usually test all of my offers before making them available to my team, but this time I am NOT going to wait on the testing phase.   I have been waiting for something like this for too long to waste anymore time.  Like I said earlier, I am going ALL-IN. I believe the REWARDS are greater than the RISK. Besides, our participation is completely anonymous and there is NO big brother overlooking your business.

Here is a brief summary of this offer:  

1.  Affordable for everyone.  You can buy any amount of tokens (SGT) which will earn you 1.1%/day in passive income.   This is over 5000%/yr when adding daily compounding.  $1k worth of tokens after only one month is worth $1,403.  2 months equals $1,949.  12 months equals $54,522.  Withdraw at anytime.   Can you imagine doubling your money every 2 months, plus referral commissions if you choose to promote your business?

2.  Yes, you will also optionally earn a % on the tokens owned by your referrals at the rate of 8%/mo on your direct referrals down to 0.5%/mo on your 5th level referrals.

3.  You can buy tokens with either Bitcoin or Ethereum.  

4.  Participation is completely anonymous and there is no need for personal identification.   

5.  The business is available worldwide. 

6.  You can create as many accounts as you want from the same computer to refer family members.  

7.  The business is decentralized, self-regulating and safe.  

8.  Enter your bitcoin wallet address to get profits on, verify your email address, and start earning.    

Here is my referral link:

Here is the website: All of your questions are answered here. Please do NOT join from this page or you will not be on my team.

Happy Holidays,

Harris DesOrmeaux