Private Wallets

One of the first things to learn when doing business on the internet is SECURITY.  You do not want to be one of the victims who ends up losing their money to some hacker like I have and many others too.

Below, I will list several cryptocurrency wallets that are considered private and secure.  You will also be capable of having a debit card, an exchange system, and the ultimate security.

BitPay:  This wallet is downloaded directly on your own computer and no one can steal your money unless they have access to your personal computer.  I use it everyday.  One of the main reasons why I like them so much is because they email you whenever you receive any funds into your wallet.  Plus, they have a message box when making transactions that allows you to identify the purpose of the transaction.  In addition, they have their very own debit card. I use the debit card for almost everything.  I hardly ever use my local bank anymore.  I use it to shop with, eat with, withdraw cash at any Visa atm points, and load it with a couple of clicks from my BitPay wallet.  And, they even have their very own built-in exchangers (Glidera) (US Only) and Coinbase (33 countries) for buying/selling bitcoins.  You can download your own wallet here:   I am not aware of any referral links.  Enjoy.

Exodus This wallet is another must to diversify your private wallets.  It requires a pin # to login as additional security.  This wallet is exceptionally useful because it has a built-in exchange for all of the most popular ecurrencies.  This is a must for anyone owning more than just the bitcoins.  I highly recommend them.  No known affiliate link so just enjoy.  Here is the download link:

Trezor For the ultimate in security, you will want to download this private wallet as well.  You already know not to place all of your money in one basket.  Order the Trezor apparatus, plug it into your computer or iphone and no one can touch your money unless they also have access to your Trezor unit and your pin number.  You cannot get any safer than that.  Here is the order link:  Btw, this is my affiliate link as well.  You will also be pleased to know that you can also hold your other most popular ecurrencies here too.

All 3 of these wallets combined will offer special features to give you a well rounded system that will suit most people.