As you may already be aware, I am terribly busy helping my NovaTech referrals achieve their retirement incomes. 

And one of the ways I have chosen to help raise investment money to deposit into NovaTech is offered below: 

Yes, I found a very lucrative way for you to earn an income which you can use to do whatever you want.  Of course, I am suggesting that you use this income to invest with NovaTech so you can have a retirement income to live off for the rest of your life. Just know that I am making this offer to those who need help raising funds for NovaTech. Otherwise, again, just know that NovaTech is the dream.

Some of you may remember the program called AdSurfDaily.  The owner was Andy Bowden. The program was well on its way to produce many millionaires.  The government froze his company, had the money refunded to the members, and placed him in jail for 5 and a half years.   Well, Mr. Bowden, now 85 years old, is back and setting the world on fire with a proposed program called MyVIMA. 

While in prison, Mr. Bowden wrote a book which he is using to raise money to launch MyVIMA.  Of course, this time he is armed with lawyers to make sure that MyVIMA is legal before launching this new revised version of AdSurfDaily. 

Anyway, Andy had an ultimate dream in 2006 that would help millions of people build wealth so they could enjoy their ultimate dream.  He never gave up during all his setbacks and talks about his experience in prison. 

Let me tell you why I am choosing this program to help us build our NovaTech retirement dream. 

If there is one thing I can tell you its that ANY business that requires recruiting, 99.6% of the people cannot, will not, and do not know how to recruit nor do they want to.  MyVIMA is providing a valid, reputable, lucrative business that ALL networkers OR newbies can easily do without going to MLM college for 10 years, and we will provide this same business plan to those 50 MILLION people who have lost their jobs because of the virus.  Believe me, I can tell you that with this business model EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO JOINS WILL MAKE MONEY because of the multiple MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ADVERTISERS will pay to get their companies in front of our eyeballs.  We are an INTERNATIONAL company where people in every country can join, and shop as Virtual International Mall Associates.  

FOLKS………I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SEE HOW THIS ONE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!  If there is one thing I have learned is that you have to give people SIMPLE TASKS TO DO……they already have busy lives and families…….with our business model it will fit into their lifestyle perfectly. 

There are two levels available to join.  Buy one book for a measly $29.99 a month to be an affiliate OR if you want to become a Founder you can buy 15 books for $449 right now before the launch, and you will share 1% of the entire company profits…..KEEP IN MIND THIS 1% WILL BE HUGE WITHOUT YOU DOING ANYTHING. 

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