I added this program to my Portfolio especially for all of those people who do not have or do not want to deal with digital currencies. This is a company with real products, USD currency, passive and recurring income, with the option to work if you choose, or get all of the work outsourced to remain 100% passive. There is absolutely no excuse why you should have to leave home to earn an income, or have a boss, or work the 8 to 5 routine. Plus, you have a guarantee. It is your call! ALSO NOTE: Available only in the USA. Not international for now. Sorry!

Note: you will receive a package in the postal mail with further instructions and how to order mail-outs in about a week if you join via computer. Please be patient. Or, email me ( and I will help you get started.

Just in case you are curious or wondering….LAV stands for Luxury, Aesthetics, and Value for your money. LAV Label is the name of the company and LAV Direct is the name of the affiliate website.

If you joined via computer and have your ID #, you may want to submit your mail-out order form without having to wait on the postal mail. SEE BELOW>>>

Make copies of this form before you fill it out. Use this form to order your advertising campaign as soon as possible. Your order will include our amazing full-color sales letter and mailed out first class.