Here’s something to have some fun with.

Thank you!

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Thank you for taking my Bitcoin Dolla!

You could be rich automatically with my Power-PIF-Strategy.

Step by Step!


Group 1: $10 – Group 2: $150 – Group 3: $6000 – Group 4: $120,000


When I’m PIFing you (Paying it Forward) my one Bitcoin Dolla, 

DazlinDolla gives back to me automatically $1 in my wallet.

When I PIF 10 people. I am getting back $10.

$3 will be used to upgrade me to Step 2. 

You spend about $12 one-time only to PIF 10 Seats, which equals a complete cycle of Group 1 and you’ve earned $10 back (we take the first $3 to upgrade your Seat to Group 2).

Basically, everyone spends $0 for massive success.

Make absolutely sure to click on the big “wallet” button and enter your personal receiving btc wallet ID. (it can be any exchange you choose such as Coinbase, Blockchain, Exodus, BitPay, CashApp, etc.)

Ingenious Idea!

Click now and get going…….. https://www.DazlinDolla.com/?uyl