The first thing needed to conduct business in the crypto world are places to buy/sell/exchange crypto coins.

COINBASE was my choice to buy/sell when I got started but unfortunately they dropped me as a member because of certain rules which I was not aware of.  That is, I was helping my referrals acquire some bitcoins by exchanging some of their Paypal, Payza, and STP for my Bitcoins while they were waiting to be verified with Coinbase.  Evidently Coinbase does not allow their members to exchange among each other so they closed my Coinbase acct.  I was lucky that they did allow me to withdraw all of my bitcoins prior to closing my account.  They also offer a debit card which I was thoroughly enjoying.

BITSTAMP:  After waiting for 3 weeks, I am now KYC approved with Bitstamp so I can have another outlet to buy/sell bitcoins and replace Coinbase.  You may be interested in knowing that they also offer a debit card but NOT to US residents.  Note:  Due to the excessive interest in Cryptocurrencies these days, it may take several days or weeks to get KYC approved with the exchangers.  Please be patient.  Also note that I do not have a referral link and I am not yet aware if they have an affiliate program.  Enjoy.

CRYPTOPIA:  This is one of my favorites.  Trade your XEM coins and many others here.  It is extremely versatile.  You have the option to share it and earn referral commissions.

COINPAYMENTS:  This one is very popular and many companies use CoinPayments as their payment processor.  You also have the option to share it and earn referral commissions as a bonus.

KRAKEN:  I use this exchange for all of my Ripple coin transactions.

BINANCE:  This is one of the most popular exchanges for buying cryptocoins including Cardano (ADA).

SPECTROCOIN:  This is where to can buy your BNK coins or tokens plus several other currencies including XEM, ETH, DASH, & BTC.   Plus, become and affiliate and earn another income.  Note: you can make deposits from your ETH addresses too.  BTW, debit cards are temporarily unavailable.

PAXFUL:  This is where you can buy bitcoins instantly with Paypal, any Credit/Debit Card, or Western Union, and many other ways.  


For a comprehensive list of EXCHANGES please go to  Enter your crypto in the “Search Box” in the top right of the page to see a list of all Exhanges that trade your selected cryptos.