Cloud 2.0

Please note that the upgraded CloudToken app is now known as Cloud 2.0.

This is an exciting platform to grow your crypto while having access to your crypto at all times. 

This company integrates digital assets into one platform and allows you to utilize their Artificial Intelligent Arbitrage program to create no-risk profit EVERY DAY.  Earn about 10%/month WITHOUT INVESTING OR RISK. There is absolutely nothing to hold you back.

It’s as simple as downloading the WALLET on your Mobile phone and funding it. 

It is SUGGESTED that if you are PASSIVE or ACTIVE, that you should begin with at least $500 (in one crypto e.g. Bitcoin).

You will be paid DAILY in Cloud Tokens (CTO) that can be exchanged IN YOUR WALLET for Ethereum. (Also Bitcoin coming soon)

Cloud Token offers an AMAZING Compensation Plan and by having at least $500 in your wallet, it will give you access to the Affiliate Program.  (referring is optional) 

Level 1:  100% Match (of their daily earnings)
Level 2:   50% Match
Levels 3 to 21: 5% Match

For each new person your personally refer, a new level opens – e.g. Refer 7 personally and you will earn on 7 levels. 

This is valid until level 15.  Once you hit 16 personally referred, you are qualified for all 21 levels of referral commission. 

What the above means, is for every person you personally refer, you make the same profit they make!

So if they are making 5 CTO coins per day then so do you!
If that equates to a potential of $50 per month that they make… then SO DO YOU!!
If you refer 10 people then that’s a potential of $500 per month!!

You can register at the link below via your mobile device using the instructions below: 

Step 1:  From your mobile, do a search for Cloud Token Wallet and download it directly from the App store.

Step 2:  Click translate to English
Step 3:  Choose Your Mobile Type (iOS or Android)
Step 4:  Download and Open the App

Step 5:  Register for an Account Using my Ref Code – 0293955244

1.  Scroll down to the desired Crypto coin you wish to fund your wallet with and click on it
2.  Click Deposit and you will see the Crypto Address to send your cryptos.  Send at least $500 of crypto to the preferred wallet.
3.  Once received into your Cloud Token Crypto Wallet, (this may take up to a week) click on ‘Project’ & then ‘Jarvis’
4.  Click the ‘Coin Type’ and input the Amount (or click Max)
5.  Click Proceed and wait up to one day. 

Here are some Videos:

Installing The App

Making a Deposit

Cloud Token Jarvis AI Activation

2FA, Two-Factor Authentication

That’s it!… you are now in the Jarvis system and getting paid DAILY CTO Tokens.
Allow from 24 – 48 hours to see your FIRST profit…then every 24 hours from there!
You can see the amount working in Jarvis by clicking on Projects and then Jarvis.
You’ll see the DAILY CTO Tokens in the front-page Wallet Manager.

To get your REFERRAL code, click on the menu at the top left and you’ll see it clearly.  It is also posted in your profile. 

This is going to move fast! 

Very few passive BTC Biz-opps pay you SIMPLY to HODL coins that you have access to at any time.

If you are new to the Crypto World or need any help acquiring some cryptos, I personally prefer CashApp,, or Canadian members seem to prefer

Don’t let the $500 minimum stop you. This is one venture that you can retire on. I now have about $20k working for me with Cloud 2.0 and I intend to keep adding- on every chance I get. I am living off of my other business ops like CashFX and keeping Cloud 2.0 as a next egg.

They also have an international crypto debit card which is really hard to find.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me.  Millions of members cannot be wrong.

To your success

Harris DesOrmeaux

Referral Code: 0293955244