We all want to find a business that we can sink our teeth into and use it to generate a desirable “CASHFLOW”.  That is the name of the game.  Yes, I know that that is easier said than done.  I have been trying to accomplish that for many years now.  Let me share something with you!!!

After years of trying to find a long-lasting, secure cashflow, I have finally found it.  You will be surprised to find out that I have been knowing about it for quiet a while, but I did not realize what I was looking at, or its potential.   The name of the business is called  Yes, it was sitting right before me and I could not see or believe what was being presented to me.   

Let me give you a brief presentation and then you will see why we need to do this.  Yes, the whole time I was looking for a magical new idea, the answer was sitting right before me and in a business that I would never had believed that it was the answer to my dreams.

You must look at AEB to generate cashflow NOT ROI. 

YES, you are getting your own money back until you are in profit. The same as with all those programs claiming 1% per day until you get back 125% or 135, etc.

It takes you 100 days just to get back your own money. 

No difference here except we are not looking for an overall return because our returns will NEVER stop because of the 20% repurchase

It’s like having the compounder in ZeekRewards at 80/20. 

This keeps our funds flowing indefinitely! 

So, the goal is to build your account to the max daily income which is $500 per day.  As you may have guessed, this amount should be able to satisfy almost all our members. 

I have people looking to start at $10,000-$62,000 because it will get them to the daily max faster. 

What makes this different than Traffic Monsoon or ZeekRewards and some of the others?

1) Its cryptocurrency, not fiat which puts it into a different realm of programs

2) It is owned by a NON-US citizen

3) It is an ADVERTISING PLATFORM FIRST. its currently in the top 15000 most visited websites in the world according to 

People can buy RETAIL advertising without joining or becoming a member directly from the website. 

4) Only ONE product in the entire portfolio pays profit sharing. ALL the other products bring profits into the program to pay the profit sharing!

5) It is NOT MLM, with the profit packs, there is only a 10% commission from profit packs paid to the referrer and that will grow indefinitely because everyone has a 20% automatic repurchase. 

6) There is NO need to click ANY ads at all except the 10 ads you need to surf to receive your daily profit sharing. 

I believe this will be as big as if not bigger than ZeekRewards and is not in violation of any laws to be shut down. Believe it or not, I just recently paid a $25,000 judgement I had filed against me for being a net profit earner with ZeekRewards. I hope none of you were forced to return the earnings you made with ZeekRewards. It is very sickening, to say the least. Enough of that.

Continuing with AEB, we are essentially getting cash back rebates on our advertising dollars spent which is legal anywhere in the world. Only Pro Executive members get 135% cash back which gives us a net profit after the 20% repurchase.

I am also truly believing in the integrity of the owner. He is like us and fed up with the scams and people not delivering what they promised. He is in Belgium so no U.S regulation violations potential. 

I am building to 62k in my account to get to the $500 per day withdraw max. 

When you focus on this and not on ROI you will see the genius of this program as well as the mass appeal. 

Anyone can click ten ads per day and even free members can earn from ptc, cpa and watching youtube videos. Free members can even buy 25 ad packs. 

I am now suggesting that everyone take the following path when joining. 

1) Upgrade to Pro Executive FIRST when you pay the $20 you immediately get $15 back in purchase money you can use to buy 15 profit packs so it’s really only costing you $5. PLUS, you now get the highest commission for referrals and 135% cash back on your purchases instead of just 120%

2) Buy at least $100 in profit packs this will help you compound faster since packs only cost $1.00 each. NEVER buy $5 packs because it takes longer to compound earnings. 

3) Go Advertise the banners and buy a $20 banner ad which lasts 224 days. This will make you eligible for the second passive income stream through the matrix that flips every 24 hours! You will be eligible for 224 pay days with that one $20 purchase!

4) Teach your people to do the same and the residual income will flow like a waterfall down a steep mountain! 

5) Add additional funds from outside as often as you can to help build your account faster.

Thanks for your support and interest, if you need more clarification let me know but this is the homerun many across the globe have been praying for!

Now, you have something that you can sink your teeth into.  Take that big step and start building your CASFLOW NOW!!!

Just in case you may be wondering, $500 per day is equal to $15,000/month.  Is that enough to make you happy?  I thought so!!! Now, let us get this done.  Let us quit gambling our money with those big-promising and small-producing promoters. 

I am waiting to hear from you. 

Go to  Sign up and start earning TODAY.  

Here is the video on how to buy Pro Executive $1 Profit Packs after depositing funds into your “Main” or “Purchase” account balances .

Enjoy life to the fullest.